Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to Edge  Quilting


(Also called Allover or Pantograph)

Doing an “Edge to Edge” or “Allover” to your quilt top is simply repeating the same pattern over the entire surface of the quilt top.  This process is what makes the “quilt sandwich”, stitching together the top, batting, and backing.    It is the most economical and fastest way to finish the quilt.  The only task remaining for the customer is to trim the excess batting/backing and to add the binding.

Unlike the non-computerized longarm quilting machine which uses a pre-printed paper pattern called a Pantograph, the Statler Stitcher uses digitized patterns.  The advantage of digitized patterns is that they can easilty be re-sized to fit the dimensions of your quilt top.   This method also creates more consistency between the rows and the  repeated patterns.

In addition to the many patterns that we own and can use on your quilt, there are professional designers constantly publishing new digital “edge to edge” patterns and anyone with internet access can view all these patterns online. There are tens of thousands of patterns now available at a reasonable cost and more being designed everyday. You will be surprised at the many beautiful and creative designs that are available. If you find one that you would like to use on your quilt, please contact us to discuss the purchase of the pattern.

Edge to Edge Quilting is the most economical method of quilting the top, batting, and backing together. If the client desires a more specific application of stitching patterns that will fit the shapes of the quilt design itself, then they will want to consider Semi-Custom or Custom Quilting.

Fees for this service:

If customer chooses Edge to Edge pattern from our extensive library of designs,

$00.02 per square inch  (2 cents per sq. inch).

In addition, we charge $2.00 per bobbin of thread used.  On average, we will use 3-5 bobbins per quilt.

If customer chooses a pattern found on internet, the cost of the pattern will be added to their invoice.

Edge to Edge patterns average $10 to $15 per design.


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