Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom Stitch Pattern

Custom machine quilting is just that… customized to that one of a kind quilt.Perhaps it is a vintage top that needs period stitching, or a beautiful top that deserves stitching that will enhance the piecing, or one that will be entered into a quilt competition.

Although it is not “hand quilted” in the traditional sense, custom machine quilting is definitely a very “hands-on” process. Much time is required in preparing the quilt and the placement of the stitching patterns. The process will usually include “stitch in the ditch,” sashings, blocks, borders and corners. The overall effect can be as simple or complex as the quilt deserves or the quilter requests.

Closeup of actual quilt

A wholecloth quilt with the artisan’s application of custom quilting is spectacular and has a tremendous WOW factor.

Charges for this service:

Custom quilting is time intensive.

The fee will average between $00.04 and $00.07 per square inch ( 4 to 7 cents)


Another Custom Stitch Pattern


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