Basting Services for Hand Quilters

We can quickly stabilize your quilt sandwich.

You do not have to be a hand-quilter to appreciate the labor of love behind the hands that pushed the needle that pulled the thread that made the tiny stitches that created such a simply beautiful hand-stitched quilt.

We may not hand-quilt but we can be of service to that very special group of dedicated quilt artists who stitch by means of a “hand-powered” needle.  For them, we are able to put their quilt sandwich (top, batting, and backing )  on our longarm quilting machine and do an allover machine basting which will effectively stabilize the layers in preparation for hand quilting.  Stitch length is normally 1 spi but can easily be changed to suit customer.


Charge for this service:

Fee per square foot = $ 00.75

( To figure square feet, multiply the width by the length and divide by 144.)

Minimum charge = $ 35.00

Maximum charge = $ 50.00


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