T- Shirt and Memory Quilts

The hot new keepsake item and so practical… a custom made quilt of special memories created from your “re-purposed” T-Shirts or other garments that you provide.

A great gift for graduates, athletes, fans, club members, church youth, or those who wish to memorialize  a loved one.

Our First T-Shirt Quilt

Bring us your (or your family member’s) collection of garments and we can turn them into special quilts.




You supply the  garments and any special instructions.

We size, cut and stabilize the garment squares.  Most T-Shirt Squares will be about 15″ but other sizes can be used.   Then we arrange the squares, striving for a visually pleasing and balanced quilt.  We sew the squares and sashings together to make the quilt top, adding any customer options of cornerstones and/or wide outer borders.

After the constructed top is layered with batting and backing, we quilt it together with an “allover” stitching pattern.  (Click here to see some of our stitching patterns from which you can choose.)

We trim the quilt and add the binding.

You receive your custom made quilt and enjoy it by giving it to a very happy person or keeping it for yourself.

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